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The Story of SCS Trash Removal

The business started in 2005 with intention of only doing cleanout service . Bill the owner was working for another big rubbish company until they decided it wasn't a good idea for him to continue working for them . His intention was to only do the cleanouts on weekend so his wife could quit her job and stay home with their 3 children . After being let go , he decided he had no choice but to get into weekly removal "but his wife still had to work" . In 2007 he had grown enough to let his wife stay home and she became his secretary . Now 2020 he has over 600 customers and each month that number keeps growing .

A lot of customers ask where the SCS name came from ? Well its pretty simple , the first (S) stands for his first born son Skiler , the (C) stands for his only daughter Chasity and the last (S) stands for his youngest son Seth . His children are his life and they are proud to know their dad named business after them . 

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